Our federal government’s tax policy must be based upon the notion that that it is fundamentally immoral for the federal government to reach its hand into the pockets of the average working citizen on the 1st and 15th of every month. Until we approach tax policy in that manner, the federal government will continue taking the fruit of a man or woman’s labor, with no intent of ever returning, all the while redistributing wealth in a manner consistent with of the worst of European Socialism. Implementing the Fair Tax will restore sovereignty to the individual once again. Implementing the Fair Tax returns the federal government to its true and proper role as a subject to the will of the people. We would see a robust economy as a byproduct of the Fair Tax, as well as sustainable high GDP growth. In route to the long-term vision of the Fair Tax, reducing all tax rates and eliminating loopholes are short-term solutions that will greatly reform our current tax structure. As your representative, I will propose a much needed simplified and flatter tax code that will stimulate private sector investment, promote job creation, sustainable growth in our economy, and individual wealth creation.

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