A true limited federal government would not impose unaffordable and unconstitutional healthcare insurance scheme on the American people. With the best medical practices and medicine in the modern world, the United Sates should assure to have the world’s best health care. In Congress, I will work to pass affordable and constitutional healthcare that the American people deserve. Obamacare is a thinly veiled attempt at a government takeover of the health insurance delivery system, ultimately leading to a single-payer socialist system. In order to lower costs in the healthcare market, we must provide healthcare tax benefits and incentives to individuals, all while removing the current tax treatments from businesses. Our federal government must also use the Commerce Clause as fully intended, by opening up the purchase of health insurance across state lines. State reciprocity allows for citizens to seek their own doctors and care, allowing the free market to thrive and work as intended. This one action of legalizing state reciprocity would greatly reduce the problem of un-insurability with pre-existing conditions and would lower costs tremendously. These reforms in the healthcare industry would center on empowering consumers and patients, all while driving down excessive costs and reducing bureaucratic red tape.

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