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Why Byron Donalds

Byron Donalds is a conservative leader who will bring the fight to the swamp creatures in Washington, DC. He's everything the fake news media says doesn't exist: a Trump supporting, liberty loving, pro-life, pro-2nd Amendment black man. That's what we need to drain the swamp.

Byron Donalds is a conservative champion for Southwest Florida. He has a proven record of banning sanctuary cities, fighting for taxpayers, and defending our constitutional rights. Raised by a single mom, Byron Donalds learned that anyone can achieve the American Dream with hard work. Byron has worked in the finance, insurance and banking industries in Southwest Florida. He’s currently a partner in a local financial firm. As a state legislator, Byron fought to clean our water, protect our seniors, expand school choice, and enact criminal justice reform. Byron Donalds lives in Naples, Florida with his wife Erika and their three sons.


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100% Rating from Florida Right to Life


Recent attack ads by the SuperPAC, "Honesty America" is linked to our opponent's high-priced DC operatives, that are pushing flat-out lies. There's a reason this shady group did not print screenshots or dates of comments attributed to Byron Donalds. They were taken out of context from a 2011 conversation where Byron Donalds was criticizing Barack Obama.

This DC machine is trying to take out a proven Conservative. They do NOT represent Southwest Florida values. The mudslinging swamp is not welcome here.

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