Federal Spending

A true limited federal government wouldn’t leave over $26 trillion dollars of unfunded liabilities as a burden to future generations, while continuing to spend and print money, it doesn’t have. In order to regain long-term financial stability in the United States, I will work to create a Balanced Budget Amendment, requiring both the House of Representatives and Senate to pass a balanced budget annually, as the majority of states, including Florida, already have. Awaiting passage of a Balanced Budget Amendment, there are easy short-term solutions to our spending problem that include ending baseline budgeting, moving towards zero-based, or ‘zero-sum’ budgeting, and ending automatic incremental budget increases. At the federal level, we need to utilize a Cut, Cap, and Balance approach in order to achieve financial stability for future generations. Every line item in the federal budget must be reviewed, evaluated, and approved based on level of need. Through hiring freezes, the attrition of federal employees, consolidating federal agencies to reduce the bureaucratic tendencies, we can greatly reduce federal government spending and overreach.

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