United States Federal Policy

A federal government actually responsible and held accountable to the people wouldn’t play political games, and wouldn’t allow petty politics to play a factor in decisions that involve the safety of our brave soldiers in the field of a battle. As a nation, we must bring an end to endless wars that cost taxpayers millions, and the ultimate sacrifice of our men and women in uniform.

In order to compete with emerging foreign economies, our federal government must create tax policy that allows American companies to compete freely and fairly with their foreign counterparts, while only regulating when absolutely necessary.

As a nation, we must exert leadership in addressing the long-term threat of nuclear proliferation, especially the risk of Weapons of Mass Destruction and nuclear weapons winding up in the hands of terrorists. We must continue to stand strong against China and Russia as they attempt to expand their sphere of influence, and communism, on the world. Most importantly, as a nation, America must remain the leader of the free world and the voice of liberty across the globe.

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