Donalds Campaign Responds to Intentionally Dishonest Attack Ads

Recent attack ads by the SuperPAC, "Honesty America" is linked to our opponent's high-priced DC operatives, that are pushing flat-out lies. There's a reason this shady group did not print screenshots or dates of comments attributed to Byron Donalds. They were taken out of context from a 2011 conversation where Byron Donalds was criticizing Barack Obama.

This DC machine is trying to take out a proven Conservative. They do NOT represent Southwest Florida values. The mudslinging swamp is not welcome here.


  • Byron Donalds is an active Donald Trump supporter. He has joined President Trump for rallies, supported the campaign, and President Trump said he has a "tremendous future."  

  • Byron Donalds has been highlighted by Donald Trump Jr., Kimberly Guilfoyle, and the Trump campaign for his strong support for Donald Trump.

  • Byron Donalds is being falsely called a "Never Trumper" by high-priced DC operatives that are manipulating comments he made in 2011, years before Donald Trump announced he would run for President––back when nobody expected him to run.

  • Byron Donalds' comments from 2011 were part of a conversation with his sister about the failed policies of President Obama. See the conversation below:

  • Byron Donalds was Trump's biggest supporter in 2016 and continues to be to this day. Donalds is glad he got it wrong almost a decade ago in 2011.

  • The picture of Byron Donalds in a Mitt Romney t-shirt is from the Swamp Buggy parade in Naples, FL in the fall of 2012. Donalds supported the Republican nominee for President who has since proven himself to be a failure and disappointment, many times over.

  • The Carly Fiorina comment was from 2015 long before the Presidential campaign began and many Republicans were interested in a female Republican nominee.

  • Byron Donalds has NEVER hidden from the decades-old darker chapters of his story of redemption and the power of the American Dream. They are part of his testimony to the power of God and hard work to transform lives.


Statement from Representative Byron Donalds:

“They can’t beat me on my proven conservative record, so they resort to dirty political tricks of pulling clips from 2011 without properly citing them and using them out of context in an intentionally misleading fashion. This ad is in response to my strong support for President Trump and his positive comments about my ‘tremendous future’ as seen in our current TV commercial. President Trump knows I’m a proven conservative who will absolutely continue to stand with him against the radical left. The mention of the decades old criminal charges is a low blow but I’ve never hidden from that part of my story of redemption and the American Dream. Through Christ and hard work a troubled young man can become a successful and trusted financial professional who proudly backs the blue.”– Byron Donalds, Republican Candidate for Congress.

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